Equipo Fab Lab

Advisory Committee

    • Tomas Diez, MAA, PhD(c).
    • Benjamín Marticorena, PhD.
    • Ing. Manuel Valencia, MBA
    • Ing. José Oliden

Leadership Committee

Emeritus Members

The Fab Lab Association wants to recognize the legacy and the work put into the implementation of this great work to the following people and institutions:

      • Vicente Guallart, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia
      • Neil Gershenfeld, MIT Center for Bits and Atoms
      • Sherry Lassiter, Fab Foundation
      • Tomas Diez, Fab Lab Barcelona

Founding Members

The Fab Lab Association was founded in 2009 thanks to the initiative of Vicente Guallart (IAAC), Tomas Diez (Fab Lab Barcelona), Neil Gershenfeld (MIT Center for Bits and Atoms) and Sherry Lassiter (Fab Foundation). Obtains legal registration in 2010 according to Public Deed that appears in the Registry of Legal Persons of the Registry Office Lima of the SUNARP. Most of the founders were part of the group of 10 finalists who participated in the Selection Workshop carried out by the Instituto de Arquitectura Avanzada de Catalunya / Fab Lab Barcelona at the Escuelab facility in Lima, to award the Fellowships sponsored by the then Spanish Agency for International Cooperation, today AECID, to attend the Fab Academy in Barcelona, Spain. In this workshop were selected Beno Juarez and Victor Freundt who on their return were responsible for both the launch of Fab Lab UNI and the founding Fab Lab Association.

      • Beno Raul Juarez Velez
      • Victor Gustavo Freundt Meléndez
      • Paúl Román Girón Lingán
      • Durgha Liz Crisostomo Barriga
      • Pablo Inty Diaz Mora
      • Dennis Angello Silva Guardia
      • Miguel Angel Alcantara Ayre
      • Diego Rodriguez Castre


      • Beno Juarez / Floating Fab Project & Bio Design
      • Victor Freundt / Fab Design
      • Paul Giron / Programmable Cities
      • Delia Barriga / Fab Women
      • Daniela Viloria / Experimental Architecture / Fab Design /
      • Arely Amaut / Media Art
      • Evelyn Cuadrado / Fab Design / Fab LAT TV
      • Isaac Robles Rodriguez / Fab Kids
      • Ivonne Cardenas / Fab LAT TV
      • Vaneza Caycho Ñuflo / Fab Design
      • Luis Flores / Biorobotics Lab /
      • Henry Sanchez  / Fab Kids /
      • Durgha Liz Crisóstomo Barriga / Innovation Lab
      • Carlos Venegas / Biorobotics Lab / 
      • Yeison Flores Chiri / Social Media Team / Ninja Monkey
      • Gabriela Garcia Lopez / Floating Fab Project
      • Omar del Carpio Rodriguez / Floating Fab Project
      • Roxana Rivero Fab Design / Fab Women
      • Carla Tamagno / Fab Women

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